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Yes, it's a Roman numeral. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Problem is, it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue with "dot-US" tacked on the end. As Roman numerals go, the value MDCCLXXVI is very dear to me.



If you were looking to find information on Constitutional government (and unconstitutional government as well), you've come to the right place.

MDCCLXXVI is a collection of stuff by me, Warren "Mickey" Michelsen. It is mainly concerned with my fervent wish for the USA to return to a Constitutional government.

The federal government (FedGov) of the U.S. operates well beyond of the powers delegated to it by the states when they wrote the Constitution.

To learn about the problem and how to fix it, start with "Constitutionality Crisis" at the top left then proceed to "Take Back The Power".

My BLOG has decades of my essays on government and more.

The "Laws Of Government" site distills some of my observations down to a few paragraphs each and describes the natural laws that seem to govern government here in the USA.

I welcome your comments on anything I've written.